Spice it up!

If you've been following my COVID cleaning, you know I'm giving my closets a complete overhaul. I've been finding things I'd forgotten I had that have spiced up my life. Sure they're simple, but it doesn't take much to excite me these days.

Upon the removal of everything in the kitchen closet, I found several small stacks of random napkins that had been used for various holidays and parties. Being one who hates waste, I'd kept them. I decided to put them in the napkin holder and use them up. We've been through everything from Thanksgiving cornucopias to orange squares emblazoned with, "I'm Happy, don't ruin it" in the last month! Random? Yes, but I haven't had to buy napkins.

In the under-the-stairs closet, I found a picnic basket. That thing hadn't seen the light of day in years, but it was still in great condition. I filled it with plastic plates, utensils, and some of the disco napkins for our "social distance appropriate" backyard supper with Momma last night. It made the toting process much easier, and was much cuter than plastic bags. Score!

The man cave closet contained retro musical lunch boxes that I'd used as part of hub & my wedding reception tablescapes. (I know that sounds weird, but it was eclectic and fun, I promise) I'm going to drill holes in the bottom of them and use them as planters. How cool is that?

What treasure have you found in your COVID clean up? Anything you can repurpose or upcycle? Share your pics below, I'm always looking for new ideas.

Keep up the good work people, we're slowing the spread and folks like my Momma sure appreciate that. Use this time wisely so you avoid future guilt of wasting it all on Netflix. We've got this!

Here are a few of my newfound gems.

You never know what kind of napkin you'll get in this house. Matchy- matchy has been thrown out the window, and I'm kinda likin' it!

I'll be using this much more often.

I cannot wait to plant flowers in these! How fun are they?

Your turn! Post your fabulous finds!

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