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What season are you?

Did you ever get your "colors done"? Back in the 80s, it was a thing. You could meet with a color expert and they would hold various swatches of fabric next to your bare face to determine what season you fell into. I was diagnosed a Winter and the lady explained what colors I should wear to look my best. It was shockingly accurate, as pastels and any shade of yellow tends to wash me out. I was told to stick to things with blue undertones, and that jewel tones were my best friends. I wonder what happened to those tests... Anyway, I didn't realize that the color analysis would also predict my future.

As Spring has turned into Summer, I must admit I'm not at my best. I'm not a huge fan of Summer. Humidity and bugs are not my friends. I don't like smelling like "Eau de Raid" 24/7. If it weren't for the farmers market summer veggies, I would be hard pressed to find much I like about the season. I used to lay out on rooftops lathered in baby oil and iodine so my skin would change colors. I liked the crowds at the beach more than the crowds shopping to "Baby it's Cold Outside." I loved shooting off fireworks on the 4th of July and letting the boys stay up late because there were no school nights. But somewhere along the way, that changed.

Upon discussing this with hub in the grocery line the other day, I even offered to give up my August birthday and skip right on in to late September. I will take one for the team and forego future annual princess days if we can leap from late Spring to Fall. As soon as the flowers fade, I'm ready to see October. Now I know this is a pipe dream and I'm not trying to send Summer lovers into a tizzy. I realize that Summer has its purpose, so long responses about growing cycles and other scientific things aren't necessary. I'm sharing my fantasyland and that's all it is. A girl can dream, right?

I've fully accepted that I'm an Autumn/Winter kind of girl. I long for the temperature highs to drop into the 60s and the colors to erupt on the trees. I like darkness coming before 8pm and throwing logs onto a fire each night. I love the holidays that come with the cooler weather. I love wearing a sweatshirt under a blanket with hot cider in my mug listening to Christmas music. I love visiting the beach after the season has ended and only the locals remain. I love taking a morning walk with a nip in the air. Is this a sign of aging, or was my color analysis a forecast of my future?

What is your favorite season? There are good things about all four, so you will not be judged on your answer. Are you wishing for Winter, or soaking up the Summer sun? More importantly, does it match your color analysis season if you ever got that done in the 80s? Does anyone have an old color test they could share? We might need to bring those back because not everyone looks good in peach, present company included.

Here's the book I lived by in the 80s to help pick my wardrobe. I told you it was a thing. The second pic is a lady getting her "colors done".

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